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Everyday Nutritious Food for Kids

nutritious food for kids

'Kids' is just one word but believe it or not, they are their parents' whole world. From teaching them how to walk to preparing healthy meals for their growth, parents do it all. However, every time a parent prepares something healthy for their kid, he/she will have a spoon or two and then refuse to have more. If you’re a parent who is reading this, don’t you agree with me? Bet you do!

Being a parent you might have to run around with your kids to feed them a nutritious meal. The chase of making them eat something healthy and nutritious is never-ending. It is absolutely right that being a parent you may look for more nutrition in your kids' meal than flavor or presentation. 

But let us tell you, kids simply adore flavour, fragrance, and not to forget, a good presentation. Bring them something vibrant and colourful! It’s finished in an instant. Now that you know what attracts them, let's take a look at some of the nutritious food options for your kids. 

Table of Content: 

  • Dalia
  • Parathas
  • Halwas 
  • Whole Wheat Flour Cake
  • Upma


Since kids form a very large part of our lives, we always want to see them happy and healthy. Neither obese nor lean, this is where Dalia comes into the picture. It is your go-to food if your child is lean and you want them to gain weight. If you think your kid needs to lose some weight, Dalia is considered to be the safest meal for doing so. 

All in all broken wheat or as we call it Dalia, is highly nutritious and loaded with fibers. It also consists of various proteins and vitamins that keep your kids healthy and energized throughout the day. You can easily prepare Khichdi enriched with nuts and ghee or Meetha Dalia Dessert made from Vikram Roller Flour Mills Dalia for your kids. It can be consumed during any time of the day as per your child's hunger needs. 


Do your kids love Aloo Paratha with Dahi or does he/she have a special favourite? Be it Vegetable Parathas or the delicious Egg Paratha, you can make them for your kids as they are highly nutritious and offer a healthy meal. Mix your Vikram Roller Flour Mills Chakki Atta with various spices and vegetables and make your child happy with their favourite type of Paratha. 

Atta is not only healthy for kids but also adds the much-needed nutrition that is needed for their growing bodies. Let them enjoy the goodness of vegetables in an easy tastier version of parathas that you cook for them.


Make Sooji, Carrot (Gajar), Beetroot, Moong dal halwa for your little one. These sweet delicacies not only satisfy your kid's sweet cravings but also provide them with a bowl of fulfilling meals. You can use Vikram Roller Flour Mills Sooji for making your little one happy with the Sooji halwa.

It's definitely easy to make and doesn't take up a lot of time from your busy parenting schedule. You can also replace sugar with jaggery in your halwa as it contains antioxidants, boosts immunity, and detoxifies your liver. 

Whole Wheat Flour Cake

Cakes excite your little ones. Don't let them have it only during birthdays but be a cool parent and let your kids have them often. Don't worry your kids will still get a nutritious meal, by following these simple suggestions, you can give your kids the perfect nutrition along with taste. We suggest that you make whole wheat flour or atta cake for your kids. 

It's healthy, tasty and also has a lot of atta benefits. It's simple to make and you can make your little one happy. You can also try different flavor frosting which will excite your child and he/she will be interested in having one every time you make them. 


Upma is a flavorful South Indian dish that you can make for your kids. It is made with Rava, ghee, nuts, and a lot of vegetables. As it includes all the ingredients that are not only tasty but also nutritious, Upma is considered to be one of the healthy meals for your kids. 

You can even offer your kids the Upma with a glass of milk. The whole meal will be satisfying and fulfilling for your child and he/she will feel full almost the whole day. To make it more exciting, serve it with a chutney or ketchup that your kids like. 


Now, it's time for you to prepare mouth-watering recipes that will not only add nutrition to your kid's meal but also are their first choice. The well-being of your little ones is in your hands, their taste will continuously develop so don’t mind trying out new recipes whenever you have the time. Experiment and present new meals in front of your kids that they can't refuse.

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