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Vikram Roller Flour Mills, we are continuously committed to making the order placement, Billing system, packaging, loading, and shipping process simple and hassle-free. We believe in investing the time in nurturing the relationship with you. And so, we ensure that every requirement or fulfillment of yours is always at the priority. Our order processing and delivery processes have been simplified so that you can spend more time focusing on important things, and no time in worrying. Following is the summary of how a typical bulk order is fulfilled by the Vikram Roller Flour Mills.

Products to Offer

You can buy the following assured quality products from us

With a wave of digitization and modernization, Vikram rollar flour mills has made it easier than ever to place orders. You can place the order in any quantity for the following products.

Chakki Atta 2kg | 5 kg | 10 kg

Processing of Vikram Mills fresh wheat flour or Atta begins with picking the best-quality wheat grains. Numerous quality checks, washing, and filtration ensure the cleanest wheat before stone grinding it. Our wheat flour is neither too coarse nor too fine, representing the best consistency required for wheat flour. Maida content in wheat flour is zero, and Vikram roller flour mills atta can be easily differentiated by its taste, softness, sweet aroma, and fluffiness.

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Sooji is also known as Semolina is coarse/granulated wheat extracted after the milling of whole wheat. It is widely used for preparing ready-to-eat food items. Indian market hosts a variety of Semolina/Sooji. But, the one with standard-sized granules is the perfect choice for cooking as it can be further blended into finer particles as per the choice. Vikram roller flour mills produce supreme quality Sooji with the same nostalgic rustic taste and high nutritional value.

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Sooji 500g

Dalia is another wholesome meal consumed in North India as a quick and small meal. Also known as cracked wheat, dalia is processed by breaking the whole wheat into fine, medium and large size wheat granules.

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Roasted Dalia is a nourishing meal famously consumed in the Northern region of India as a highly nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is made from small crushed white wheat kernels. It consists of fiber and nutrient rich layers. 

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Roasted Dalia 500g

Maida/White Flour (Vikram Mills Super Patent Maida, Vikram Mills Spl. Chaap Maida, and Vikram Mills Patent Maida)

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Rawa produced by us stands as the benchmark of quality for other products. Rawa is nothing but Sooji milled to a finer granular consistency. In fact, many people consider Rawa and Sooji to be a same thing, the only notable difference being smaller grain size of Rawa than Sooji (Semolina).

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Rawa 500g
India Gate Bran

Wheat Bran is the hard outer layer of wheat which is the byproduct of milling while the production of wheat products like flour, sooji, maida and atta, etc. Bran is the most nutritious part of the grains, particularly rich source of dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

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What is the difference between

Branded & Non-branded

Vikram roller flour mills Products?

  • There is no manufacturing, quality or inherent difference in the Branded and Non-branded products produced by Vikram rollar flour mills. The only differences lie in -
  • Packaging
  • Branded products carry the brand mark India Gate on their packaging. Non-branded products carry no brand mark or logo on the packaging.
  • Tax on Bill
  • Billing on the branded products bear IGST and CGST as applicable. Billing on the non-branded products carries no tax.

Placing An Order

Anyone can place bulk orders of vikram roller flour mills products via the following methods

Telephonic: Simply dial 8448448436 to place an order over the telephone. Our representative will eagerly understand all your requirements and do all the necessary proceedings to fulfill the order.

Website: Simply Visit our website and place & Enquiry for Purchase

Email: To place an order, you can drop us an email at Simply tell your requirements and we will respond to you ASAP!

Choose any of these methods as per your convenience!

Billing Process

vikram roller flour mills billing process is as simple as it gets. Our billing policies are simple and are as follows;

  • Purchase of branded Vikram rollar flour mills products, i.e. India Gate brand will incur local or interstate Goods & Services Tax (GST). In case of a local order/delivery, the tax will be 2.5% (IGST) plus 2.5% (SGST). For an interstate order/delivery, the tax levied will be 5% (IGST).
  • Purchase of Non-branded products through Vikram rollar flour mills will not incur any tax.
  • E-bill or Electronic bill will be issued only for the Branded Products order and purchase or INR 1 Lakh or more.
  • Loading and Unloading charges will be levied as follows -
  • For loading and unloading of products inside the premises other than Bran, a charge of 2 rupees per bag will be levied.
  • For loading and unloading of products outside the premises other than Bran, a charge of 4 rupees per bag will be levied.
  • For loading and unloading of Bran/Chokar inside or outside the premises, a charge of 3 and 4 rupees per bag respectively will be levied.

Loading, Delivery & Dispatch

Following is the process followed by us from loading of the ordered products to despatch

Truck Entry

  • Upon entry, the truck driver will be required to fill a form. The form will include the following information- Party Name, Mobile Number, Photo, Truck registration number, and trucks empty weight.
  • After weighing, the driver will be issued a Gate Pass/slip ticket.
  • For loading, the driver will have to show the ticket/gate pass, and the loading process will start.
  • The truck will be weighed again to confirm the quantity of the loaded products.
  • Once the loading is complete, the gate pass will be signed by our personnel, and the Bill will be issued to him.
  • All the loading/unloading costs will be accounted for in the bill.

Internal Processes & Liability

  • At the reception, the following information will be collected from the truck driver/appointed person by the ordering party- Driver Name, Truck Number, Mobile Number, Photograph, Party Name, and a Declaration Form.
  • The declaration form will remove the liability from vikram roller flour mills in case of an accident, damage or any control beyond the range of human control. Once the order is loaded and the truck leaves our plant premises, we are no longer liable for the damage caused on the way to the shipment destination. An SMS will also be sent to the concerned party as soon as the declaration form has been filled.
  • Upon completion of the above formalities, the truck is moved to the Weighing Deck to check its empty weight.
  • After weighing, the truck driver gets a slip/ticket/gate pass.
  • The slip/ticket/gate pass contains the information regarding the type and quantity of the required products.
  • Upon clearance, the truck moves to the loading dock where the loading process starts.
  • Once the loading process is complete, the full truck is weighed again.