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The Secret of Healthy Indian Diet

Healthy Indian Diet

India has always been regarded as the land of Vedas and Ayurveda. It has been over 3000 years since civilization began, and ironically, it is no secret that we have had secrets of leading a peaceful and fruitful life all along. From leading a healthy and happy life to expanding our knowledge of food, in terms of flavours and ingredients, we have made an immensely unforgettable impression on the West. It is said that Indians have a higher level of tolerance and significantly better immunity as compared to their fellow counterparts from other parts of the world. Read ahead to know more about these well-guarded answers. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Love for Whole Foods 
  2. Atta over Maida or All-Purpose Flour 
  3. Spices and Condiments 
  4. Maintaining a Balanced Diet 

Love for Whole Foods

We solely believe in the simple goodness and purity of our wheat grains, whether it is used to make good old Chapatis, or even Paranthas, Dalia, or more. People of all age groups, according to their dietary needs or preferences, opt for their favorite kind of grains or wheat. Apart from their extremely high nutritional value in the meals, they add essential dietary fibers for the smoother functioning of your body. There is an extensive range of Vikram Roller Flour Mills Agro-products available to meet all the needs and requirements of one’s body.  

Atta over Maida or All-Purpose Flour 

According to you, what’s the healthiest breakfast - Poori Bhaaji or Roti Sabji? Yes, many would choose taste over health, and that is where we as consumers go wrong. It is not a crime to indulge in your favorite foods once in a while, but the challenge lies in how fast you are able to get back to your daily nutrition-packed routine. Vikram Mills offers both Chakki Atta and Mill Atta - the only key difference between them is their bran content. The greater the quality of the bran, the higher is the fiber content and lower is the bran content, allowing for better digestion. 

Spices and Condiments

Almost each and every Indian recipe is incomplete without a dash of flavourful spices. Maintaining ideal metabolism, digestion or anything else - you name it and you will come across a list of health benefits that will leave you in a state of complete awe. In fact, it is the magic of a variety of spices from different parts of the country that adds the perfect taste to even the blandest of foods. 

Spices are the foundation of Indian cooking. They help transform any dish into a tasty meal and give magic to even the simplest ingredients. Contrary to popular belief, there are only four to six spices to make a delicious dish. Making a blend or combination of traditional spices to produce a beautiful and appetizing dish is somewhat spiritual in Indian homes to enjoy with family. Exploring the wide depths and varieties hidden in Indian food will help greatly expand your recipe’s reserves. 

Here are 6 main spices required at homes to give life to any ingredient:

  1. Asafetida (Hing): Dried and powdered tree resin, one of the most essential spices in households and aromatic.
  2. Cumin (Jeera): Cumin is important for adding a warm, nutty flavor to any ingredient and can be used in countless recipes.
  3. Black Mustard Seeds (Rai): these pungent seeds add flavor to any dish. Just drop them in hot oil and wait for them to release their flavor
  4. Ground Turmeric (Haldi): A bright, healing spice that adds a peppery woody taste and a deep golden colour to curries, and is even used for face masks!
  5. Red Chilli Powder (Laal Mirch): Brilliant red hue acts as a natural food colouring and gives the dish a smoky flavor.
  6. Coriander (Dhaniya): This one-of-a-kind leafy herb adds notes of citrus and earthiness to a multitude of curry dishes and enhances the flavour while working as a spectacular garnish. 

Balanced Diet 

Last but not the least, it is important to have and maintain a balanced diet. Carbs, proteins, saturated and trans fats, minerals, etc. in an extremely planned and controlled portion that is ideal for the human body. Remember fasting or cutting down on calories is a good practice but do not cut down on solely one particular ingredient. You can choose to substitute it with healthier alternatives. For example, instead of consuming sugar, some people choose to consume ‘gud’ or jaggery, because it is considered to be a better, healthier option when compared. 


If you or your loved ones are not big fans of eating vegetables or diet-related foods, it is the best option for you to choose whole grain instead. Churn up some interesting mix of recipes, create your own version, mix and match with your favorite ingredients that make you nostalgic as well. Make your health a priority by eating between regular intervals and having a light and early dinner. Sometimes, to maintain your health you do not need to take any drastic steps. All you need to do is make room for some small but necessary changes. You will be able to witness the immense difference.  

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