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Additional Information

Rawa produced by us stands as the benchmark of quality for other products. Rawa is nothing but Sooji milled to a finer granular consistency. In fact, many people consider Rawa and Sooji to be a same thing, the only notable difference being smaller grain size of Rawa than Sooji (Semolina).

Best Suited to make.

Idlis, Dosas, and Sheera. Rawa is also used to make light snacks like toasts and breadcrumbs.

How is Rawa manufactured?

As you know, Rawa is nothing but finer grained Sooji. At VRF Mills, we simply separate the finer particles of Sooji with a purifier filter, and granules of sooji and rawa are separated. The nutritional value and quality test parameter of Sooji and Rawa are approximately identical. Trying our products will compel you to stick to quality, forever and ever!