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Maida/White Flour (Vikram Mills Super Patent Maida, Vikram Mills Spl. Chaap Maida, and Vikram Mills Patent Maida)

White Flour (Maida)

White Flour commonly known as Maida in India is a multi-purpose flour that contains substantial amount of Starchy Endosperm of wheat. Vikram Mills produces Maida by finely milling the best quality indigenous whole wheat. Maida is a popular flour used for preparing a wide variety of mouth-melting Indian and International dishes. Maida contains low fibre content as the bran particles are finely ground to smoothen it further.

Perfect to be used for

  • Breads like Naan, roomali roti, Bhature, Poori, Kulche, Sandwich Bread, Pizza base, etc.
  • Baked items like Cakes, Biscuits, Muffins, PanCakes, etc.
  • Snacks like Samosa, Bhajiya, Jalebi, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Macaroni, Pasta, etc.

Why Our Maida Is A Popular Choice?

  • Production of ultra-fine quality maida requires the selection of best of whole wheat, cleaning it, grinding it and packing it. Vikram Mills ensures that you get the best of white flour maida as per your requirement. It is one of the most popular product straight out of our milling plant, used by numerous bakeries, retailers, hotels, restaurants, and packaged food item producers. Our maida is a popular choice because - 
  • High Nutritional Value: Vikram Mills maida is rich in gluten content, vitamin B, and Iron. This nutritional value makes it a perfect candidate for preparing various types of assorted breads, cakes, snacks and many other fast-food items.
  • Maida choices: We produce maida with different gluten & fibre content suitable for different purposes. Vikram Mills produces Bakery Special Maida, Patent Maida and Super Patent Maida. The difference lies in the amount of Suji present in the white flour. For example, higher suji content is an excellent choice for baked items.
  • Branded & Non-branded: You can purchase the Branded or Non-branded type maida produced by us. There is no inherent difference in the manufacturing process or nutritional value. Only the non-branded packets are sometimes preferred by the retailers who sell it without any brand royalty (India Gate). Factology 101

“There are many species of wheat which together make up the genus Triticum.” 

Maida Quality Parameters

Following are vikram roller flour mills Maida quality parameters

Moisture (13%-14%):

(13%-14%): Moisture represents the amount of water present in maida. Very-high or very-low moisture content deteriorates the quality of maida. Vikram Mills ensures that it remains within 13-14% for best cooking experience.

Total Ash (Dry basis) (0.53%-0.60%):

Ash is the mineral material in flour. The ash content of any given flour is affected primarily by the ash content of the wheat from which it was milled and its milling extraction.

Dry Gluten (9%-11.50%):

Dry Gluten, the protein component of flour which gives the dough elasticity and strength, can be defined as the rubbery mass that remains when wheat dough is washed to remove starch granules and water soluble constituents.

Alcoholic Acidity (Less than 0.1%):

Flours when stored for long, undergoes various types of deterioration, which in turn gives high values for alcoholic acidity, hence, alcoholic acidity is an index of deterioration of flour during storage. The higher it is, the poorer the quality of Maida.

Water Absorption Percentage (60-65%):

Measurement of the water absorption (%) in wheat flour is necessary to assess the nature of the wheat flour, which is related to protein quantity and quality. Water absorption in wheat flour is also important for the process of precise breadmaking. The best WAP lies between 60-65%.

Insect (Nil):

This parameter determines the number of insects present in the Maida. Vikram Mills maida is insect & pest free outrunning its competitor products.

Insect (Nil):

This parameter determines the number of insects present in the Maida. Vikram Mills maida is insect & pest free outrunning its competitor products.

Color (White):

Pure maida gives consistent creamy color. Creamy color represents finest quality maida.

Granularity (Nil to 0.1%):

Granularity is the measure of coarse grains present in maida. The lower the granularity, the better is Maida’s quality.

Sedimentation Value (25%-35%):

The sedimentation value describes the degree of sedimentation of flour suspended in a lactic acid solution during a standard time interval and this is taken as a measure of the baking quality

Globally, wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food, having higher protein content than other major cereals such as maize (corn) or rice.